Innovative Kids Chess Games
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The kids chess games ideas recommended below would take your little chess wizard beyond the premise of a Black & White checkered board.

So is your little grandmaster ready to checkmate his buddies with some serious fun?

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Crossroad Chess

Age Group: 8 years & above

Game Objective: In this kids chess game a player has to try and move maximum number of playing pieces from his half to the opposite half at the earliest.

Game Learning: Concentration, strategic thinking & spatial skills.

No. of Players: 2

Material Required:

  • A piece of chalk.
  • 9 white and 9 black colored playing pieces.
How to Play:

  • First draw a Crossroad Chess Maze on the floor. For this, dip a piece of chalk into water and make it wet. Initially the lines would appear faint but once the chalk dries up it comes out nice and bright.
  • You can use any house hold item as playing pieces such as buttons, bottle caps etc. Just make sure that the two sets are somewhat distinct from each other to avoid confusion during the game play.
  • To give it a feel of Chess here is a little trick you can do. Take some sticks of white chalk and dip them in a bottle of black ink. By its physical property the chalk would soak up the ink and would turn black.
  • Break the black chalk into 9 small pieces and now you are ready with 9 white and 9 black colored playing pieces.
  • Arrange the pieces on the maze as shown and make the 2 kids sit opposite to each other.
  • Both the players have to try and move their respective play pieces from their half to the opposite half following these set of rules:
    • The playing pieces (pawns) must be moved strictly along the lines.
    • During the normal course a player can move only one slot at a time.
    • A player can make his pawn jump over his opponent’s pawn provided the next slot along that line is empty. For this they have to be in a straight line. Cross jump or zig-zag jump is invalid.
    • The jumped over pawn of the opponent would get eliminated out of the maze.
    • A player cannot jump over his own pawn.

  • The player who could strategically move the maximum number of his pawns from his half to the opponent’s half at the earliest would WIN this kids chess game.

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ThinkFun Solitaire Chess

Age Group: 8 years and above.

Game Learning: Logical thinking and spatial reasoning.

No. of Players: 1

Versions Available: 1

  • Rush Hour – Brand: ThinkFun.
About the Game:

  • An award winning kids puzzle game. Won 6 major awards as follows :
    • Parents Choice Silver award.
    • TOTY Toy of the year nominee.

  • Four levels of difficulty i.e. Beginner to Expert.
  • The kids chess game comes with a Game box cum container, 60 challenge cards, 10 chess pieces and a storage bag.
  • The objective of the this kids chess games is to get rid of all the chess pieces but one.

Game Pros :

  • This kids chess games would teach not only teach basics of the classic chess game but also shows how every piece has its own unique move.
  • The game design is very compact and sturdy that makes it easy to carry along.
  • A very good puzzle for a kid who likes to play chess or wants to learn the game. But one should not forget that this is a solitaire chess themed puzzle for kids and is not the replacement of chess.
  • Puzzle cards are well laminated, durable and can be wiped cleaned.
  • 4 levels of difficulty ensures that kids learn progressively and move up step by step.
  • The Chess pieces are well fabricated and designed with a rubber base so that they do not slip over the game board.

Game Cons :

  • No real negative points for the game just that the puzzle cards should be handled with care so that they don’t get torn or worn out by the kids.
  • Kids below 8 years would find this game very tricky but an ideal choice for grownups and tweens.

Click here to watch the video preview of ThinkFun Solitaire Chess

How would you like the idea of your kid playing a chess game in the backyard with his buddies and a basketball?


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