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Welcome aboard mate! You are about to view the web’s most amazing assortment of fun kids games.

On a rainy day when it is raining cats and dogs or on a cozy winter evenings when everything is covered with a thick white blanket of snow, fun games not only provides unlimited entertainment for the whole family but also makes kids pick up some invaluable skills like problem solving, logical thinking, patience, persistence and spatial skills etc.

Most importantly, fun games for kids gives an ideal platform for ever-busy parents to spend some invaluable time with their lovely kids and in the process share, learn and bond through these wonderful games ideas.

Easier said than done! I understand how tedious it can be to look for an appropriate game for your child that is fun, educational and family friendly. Online marketplace and your neighborhood hyper marts are flooded with tons of fun kids games and toys with tall claims but low on value. These numerous choices just add to the confusion and lead us nowhere.


Don’t worry, I have handpicked some best fun kids games that scores high on aforementioned factors and would definitely be loved by you and your little one. Not to forget, I have personally bought some of them for my son and I tell you…we nowadays have a Rocking time together!

I have tried to give unbiased reviews (Pros & Cons) to all the recommended games. Kindly go through them and use your own discretion to choose the one’s that suits your bill. The fun kids games have been classified in 3 broad categories:

One thing I have learnt from my previous mistakes is that when you are playing a fun game with your kid or looking to buy one for your kid, then think from a kid’s perspective and you will never be disappointed.

Now, before you start with the main course, enjoy the following appetizers first. Hope you would like the preparation!

Cats Likes Mouse!

Age Group: 4-8 years

Game Objective: This fun kids game is basically a name tag game for little kids in which a child has to call out an animal name before being tagged.

Game Learning: Animal names.

No. of Players: 5-6 kids

Materials Required:

  • Just a little bit of your time for your lovely kids!

How to Play:

  • Make the kids sit in a circle.
  • Choose an “It” and make her stand at the centre of the circle.
  • Let the kids select an animal name for themselves and declare it to everybody.
  • The game starts with a kid quickly calling out her animal name first and then whom that animal likes. For e.g. “Cat like Mouse”
  • Now the kid who is Mouse will quickly declare some other animal whom she likes, say “Mouse likes Horse”.
  • In the meantime, “It” can tag the animal that is being "liked" before she declares who she likes. If “It” successfully tags that child then she becomes the new “It”.
  • The kids in the circle have to make sure that they only call out the animal’s name who is there in the circle. If someone calls out an animal name that is not in the circle then, that kid will become “It”.

My Tip :

  • This animal game for kids can be played as a birthday party game. Kids can be given animal masks to make the game feel more realistic.

Sleeping Tiger

Age Group: 3 to 8 years

Game Objective: In this fun kids game a child play the role of a sleeping tiger and other animals try to wake him up.

Game Learning: Just Fun!

No. of Players: 4-5 kids

Materials Required:

  • Nothing! Just the clean floor of your living room.

How to Play:

  • Make the kids sit in a circle.
  • Choose an “It” who plays the role of “Sleeping Tiger” and make him lie down at the center of the circle with eyes closed.
  • The kids sitting around the Sleeping Tiger will take turns to make him laugh by telling jokes or making funny sounds but no touching.
  • The kid who awakens the Sleeping Tiger by making him laugh will become the next Sleeping Tiger.

My Tip :

  • This animal game for kids can be played at home during Christmas, birthdays and Halloween party etc. Just change the theme to match the occasion. For e.g. play the game as “Rise of the Mummy” during a kids Halloween party.

Monkey Jumps & Rabbit Runs

Age Group: 5-12 years

Game Objective: A fun kids game in which kids have to toss a Monkey and a Rabbit at each other in a specified manner.

Game Learning: Simple Fun.

No. of Players: 8-10 kids.

Materials Required:

  • Two small bean bags, preferably in a Monkey and a Rabbit shaped.

How to Play:

  • Make the kids stand in a large circle such that there is a gap of 3 to 4 feet between adjacent kids.
  • Give the Monkey and the Rabbit bean bag to any two kids circle randomly.
  • The kids start the game by tossing the Monkey and the Rabbit to each other according to the following rules.
  • A kid can pass the Rabbit only to the kid next to him on either side, whereas the Monkey can be tossed to any kid in the circle freely.
  • The kids have to yell the name of the animal they are tossing at others, like – “Monkey comes!” or “Rabbit jumps!”
  • You can stand at the center of the circle to monitor the game and can declare the “Swap” anytime.
  • On declaring Swap the above mention tossing and passing rule reverses and the play continues with the new rule.

Game Variations: Make this fun animal game for kids competitive by eliminating the kids who either drops the catch or fumbles with rules or calling. The last two players holding the monkey and the rabbit will be the joint winners.

My Tip :

  • This fun kids game can be played as a birthday party game or Halloween game where the animals can be replaced with an appropriate item like a bean bag Pumpkin etc.

Fly or No Fly

Age Group: 3-8 years

Game Objective: A fun kids game in which kids have to promptly differentiate between the things that can fly and the ones that can’t.

Game Learning: Logical thinking

No. of Players: upto 10.

Materials Required:

  • Absolutely nothing!

How to Play:

  • Make the kids stand in a semi circle with enough gap between them.
  • You can take the central position as the “Judge”.
  • The Judge will speak out an item’s name and instantly kids have to identify whether that item can fly or not.
  • If the Item announced by the Judge can fly then kids have to respond by flapping their arms side by side like a bird and if that item can’t fly then the kids can respond by crossing their arms against their chests.
  • For e.g. Airplane (flap the arms) or Truck (cross the arms).

  • The kid who does the wrong action or fumbles up for an Item get eliminated.
  • The last kid left will Win the game!

My Tip :

  • This fun kids game is a fabulous learning game for kindergarten classroom. Can also be played as a birthday party game.

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Turtle Tag

Age Group: 5 to 8 years

Game Objective: A fun kids game is a normal chase and tag game with a twist.

Game Learning: Fun!

No. of Players: 5 to 6 players

Materials Required:

  • Absolutely Nothing! Your front lawn or a neighborhood park will do.

How to Play:

  • Choose an “It”
  • Mark the play area and make it known to everybody.
  • ”It” starts to chase other players and tries to tag them.
  • The tagged players will get frozen till another player un-freezes him.
  • Kids in order to avoid being tagged by “It” can turtle upside down on the ground with both the hands and legs in the air. (like a real turtle) They can’t be tagged in this position.
  • When all the players gets tagged by “It” then the game restarts with a new “It”.

Jurassic Park

Age Group: 4-8 years

Game Objective: A fun kids game in which kids have to sneak out a Dinosaurs egg without getting tagged.

Game Learning: Fun.

No. of Players: upto 10.

Materials Required:

  • A ball or a bean bag egg.

How to Play:

  • Choose an “It” who will play the role of the Dinosaur.
  • Make the “It” sit at a fair distance away from other kids (say 10 steps)with his back facing them.
  • Put the Dinosaur egg (ball or bean bag) just behind the Dinosaur.
  • The kids will quietly try to steal the egg from behind the Mother Dinosaur.
  • If Dinosaur feels any movement behind him or doubts that someone is trying to sneak out her egg then she can roar and turn around.
  • If she finds some one very close the her egg then that kid becomes the new “It”, otherwise the game continues.

My Tip :

  • This animal game for kids can also be played as an Easter game. Just replace the Dinosaur with an Easter bunny.

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