Kids Basketball Games With Twist .
“Lots Of Sporty-Fun For The Little NBA Champs!”

SLAM DUNK! Do you see the next Michael Jordan in your Li’l Peter? Kids basketball games are an adrenaline pumping fast paced sport for youngsters around the world. Like any other sport it can really make kids stretch and help them build strong bones and stamina. Here are some useful Tips for caring moms & dads of aspiring junior NBA Stars:

All of the quick moves and jumping can put a lot of wear and tear on child’s ankles and knees, so guarding them by wearing the right pair of shoes is a must. To protect the knees one must learn proper cut, stop, and land a jump. Good eating habit, especially food rich with calcium to strengthen the bones, is vital.

As a parent one has to be careful with the basketball equipment. With an over enthusiastic child at home who has started to take his game seriously, just ensure that the court and sidelines are clear of any obstacles such as other basketballs or water bottles. If playing outside, make sure the baskets and sidelines are not too close to walls, fences or bleachers and the court is smooth and firm. It is advisable to buy a mouth guard, knee and elbow pads for extra protection.

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Basketball dribbling is an art that can be mastered with constant practice. Bounce the ball on the floor with the stronger arm. When it bounces back, use the fingertips to stop the upward motion and push it back to the floor, keeping it about waist high when it bounces. Once the child has mastered dribbling with one hand, switch to the other and begin to move around while dribbling. To sharpen the skill the kid may practice dribbling by moving the ball in a “8” between his legs.

Handling and passing the ball is another key aspect of the game. Face the person one is passing to, with head up and knees slightly bent. Spread the fingers wide and hold the ball at chest level, elbows out. Extend the arms, take a step toward the person you're passing to, and snap your wrists forward and up as you release the ball.

“NBA Rookies, Queue Up! Let’s play some amazing kids basketball games.”

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Bucket Basketball

Age Group: 8 to 12 years.

Game Objective: In this kids basketball game the teams have to score points by tossing the beanbag into the buckets.

Game Learning: Teamwork.

No. of Players: 8 to 12

Materials Required:

  • A bean bag, preferably of round shape.
  • 2 Buckets.
  • A piece of chalk or marking tape.

How to Play:

  • Make a large rectangle as big as the size of a basketball court and divide it into half.
  • Put an empty bucket on both sides of the court.
  • Make two teams.
  • The objective is to Basket the bean bag into the opposition teams bucket and score point.
  • The bean bag can be passed only by throwing and catching.
  • A player cannot run when in possession of the beanbag.
  • Other team can defend by obstructing the beanbag pass or trying to catch it. No snatching of the bean bag or physical touching of the opposition team layers is allowed.
  • If the beanbag falls on the ground while passing or catching by a team, then the opposition team will get the possession of the beanbag and the game continues.
  • After a stipulated time the team that has scored more points WINS!!!


Age Group: 9-12 years

Game Objective: Another innovative kids basketball game in which teams have to score points by shooting the ball through the “O”.

Game Learning: Shooting accuracy.

No. of Players: 8-12 players per team.

Materials Required:

  • 1 basketball or volleyball.

How to Play:

  • Divide the kids in to 2 teams.
  • Make a big basketball court size rectangle and divide it into half.
  • Select the tallest child from each the team and make him the “Basketball Post”.
  • Team A’s “Basketball Post” will stand in team B’s half and vice versa.
  • Basketball post player will join his hands in such a fashion that it forms an “O”.
  • Mark off a small square of 5x5 feet around the Basketball post player with a piece of chalk. Neither attacker nor defender can enter this square.
  • If a player has to shoot or defend the ball he has to do it from outside this square.
  • As the game starts each team will try to score points by shooting the basketball through the “O”.
  • The ball can be passed and handled just like a usual basketball game.
  • The Basketball Post player can assist in letting the ball shot by his team mate pass through the “O” by sitting or swaying in the direction of the throw.
  • If, while doing this the Basketball Post player’s “O” breaks i.e. his hands opens up or he falls down or touches the ground or moves away from his “Fixed” position then, the point scored will stand invalid.
  • The team that scores maximum points at the end of the stipulated time WINS!!!

Rhythmic Basketball

Age Group: 5 to 9 years

Game Objective: A kids basketball game in which players have to shoot the ball into the basket as they learn and memorize some classroom lessons simultaneously.

Game Learning: Fun and Play at the same time.

No. of Players: 8-10 kids.

Materials Required:

  • A basketball.
  • A junior basketball post.

How to Play:

  • Make the kids stand around the basketball post in a circle.
  • Kids will pass on the ball from one player to another around the circle while rhyming together a newly learnt poem or Mathematics table (say table of 5).
  • The player in possession of the ball at the finish of that poem, rhyme or math table will become “It” and goes in front of the basketball post to take a Shot.
  • If “It” baskets the ball then he/she will return to join the circle. But if “It” fails to basket then he/she is “Out”.
  • The game will continue till only one player is left in the last, who is the Winner of this amusing kids basketball game.

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Horse Chess Basketball

Age Group: 9 to 12 years

Game Objective: A kids basketball game in which players have to shoot the ball into the basket following the moves of a Horse in Chess.

Game Learning: Fun and Play at the same time.

No. of Players: 2-4 players

Materials Required:

  • A basketball.
  • A basketball Post.
  • A piece of chalk.

How to Play:

  • Make some squares at a fair distance from the basketball post as shown in the layout.
  • Kids will take turns to shoot the ball into the basket following the sequence 6-5-4-3-2-1 which is nothing but a Horse’s move in the Chess game.
  • Each square carry points equal to its number i.e. square number 6 carries maximum 6 points and square number 1 carries minimum 1 point.
  • Each player will proceed from box 6 to 1, step by step, turn wise, irrespective of the fact that he has scored a basket or not.
  • At the end tally the points scored by each player and the one with maximum points WINS this fun kids basketball game.

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